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Harbor Plants, Rockport, Texas


Stress Release

Adventure Location:  Rockport, Texas
Rolling Date: January 1, 2018

This is a magnificent cliff that resides in southern Utah. You take a fairly long trail up a canyon along a sandy wash. As you bend around to your right this pair of cliffs nearly kiss each other and you can walk right through the bottom V. It was a neat event a few years ago.

Today was a very successful day at the optometrist’s office. We spent a little over an hour testing all sorts of things checking on progress. When it was all said and done we had very definite results for planning future treatments.

The main test was of the OFM’s eye ball pressure. That is the test for glaucoma. Pressure was at 18 last visit when the eye drops were started. 18 is the very upper edge of where glaucoma is defined. After six months of treatments we held our breath for today’s test. The OFM gave a reading of 14 which is very good. The bad news is he will be on that medicine for the rest of his life. The good news is that the medicine works very well.

Ok on to the scans of the eyes.  When the scans were viewed, it showed that the unusualness had also gotten better. We do not know why but are very glad for it. This is another test he will be doing annually to track any weird happenings early.
When the doc tried to check for new glasses lenses requirements, he could not get a good fix on a working prescription. OK let us check the cataracts etc for other abnormalities. That testing was successful and the trouble was found. 

The cataract of the right eye is about the same when comparing last year to this year and is not enough to do anything drastic. The left eye is “noticeably” worse. He tells us that the cataract of the left eye is what is preventing him from finding an accurate prescription for a new glasses lens. In fact the best he could achieve is not enough change to even get a new glasses lens yet.

The we had a discussion about cataract surgery. The concensus of the two of us is that it is at a minimum over two years away. But when it is time he will definitely recommend it to be done. For now my left eye is still reading 20/25 very well. So there will be no new glasses this year.

 And at the end of this nearly an hour and a half the OFM was beat. We headed for the Castle and a lot of napping while the dilation wore off. It was about 1630 before we could see normally again.Now at least we know the facts and what we are dealing with for the future.

Oh and by the way those cliffs at the top of the blog entry are actually two 3‘x3‘x3‘ rocks laying flat along Packery Channel. The picture is a close up taken from standing right above them looking straight down. The OFM says he needed to make a joke to release some of the tension from today. With all this news he hopes to have a stressless day of trying to have tooooo much fun tomorrow.