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Rockport, Texas


Cloud Acrobatics

Adventure Location: Mustang Island, Texas

We had a nice cool couple of days and the OFM went out to play at Mustang Island. We did a lot of checking things out. As expected with all the “progressive development” the area is very over populated and even more visitors than last year.

We found this camping mess at the base of the Packery Channel north jetty. They looked like they had been there for a long time and were not moving anytime soon.

The winds have been very strong lately and generally not pleasant. We found a white flower in a protected part of a sand dune to get this picture.


All the yellow flowers were getting shredded by the winds. This one poor little flower was showing its toughness so we got a decent picture in spite of the winds.


Quite a few pictures were taken of sand dunes but they have not yet been processed for presentation. If any of them come out nice we will put them in a later blog entry. Part of the trip effort was aimed at inspiration for more paintings. The OFM keeps wanting to do more paintings for the garbage can but he cannot seem to choose a topic yet.

Back down in Rockport this afternoon the fish were not biting but the clouds were showing off. It was a beautiful day with gorgeous water and fantastic blue skies. The clouds got all excited and started doing all sorts of acrobatics for us mere mortals fascination. Here is one of the acts.

It was the sand castle competition last weekend down at Port Aransas and the town was still very crowded today. In spite of the huge number of tourists in the town we managed to do pretty well at trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Hi, Barney. I hear you about "progress". That 's what it is called when all the farmers' fields are covered with concrete to make huge trucking centers. Of course all those trucks need more and more highways. We bought a house in a rural area. Rural went away. Now we are surrounded by freeways, with bumper to bumper traffic. Some "progress!" Meanwhile, you are doing your best to have a good time in spite of it, I enjoy seeing your paintings. Flowers make for good paintings.

    1. Flowers as the main object are very difficult to paint well.

  2. The header is fabulous! as are all you pictures.

  3. What in the world do those campers have rigged up! What an eyesore.

    I noticed a gorgeous yellow iris in my backyard this morning. I knew I had some plants there and often pull up some of the excess bulbs, but this was the first time any of them flowered. You're right though, it's very difficult to try to paint flowers as the main subject. I have a lot of trouble with some kinds of leaves too - the curly ones especially.

  4. Fun times on Mustang Island and can just imagine the crowds in full swing.
    Keep having too much fun there Barney.