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Rockport, Texas


New Murals

Adventure Location: Rockport, Tex

The beach, harbor and other major public areas here in Rockport are kept in pretty good repair and decent cleanliness. It is a welcome change from most of the public areas the Teams have visited around the USA.

Apparently it was repaint the main restrooms day recently. They even added new murals for our enjoyment.


These rest rooms even have cold water showers on an outside wall for rinsing the salt water from your body. Overall it is a pretty well done facility. It is maintained by the Aransas County Navigation District for public use.

Behind a locked door that needs a code to open is the showers and other things for the folks that moor their boats at the harbor. We get a big kick out of walking the bulkhead looking at all the different homes (boats) moored in the harbor. There is a considerably larger variation in homes (boats) than in an RV campground.

It can be a very pleasant end to the day wandering the marina watching the folks trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Thanks for taking us back to Rockport again, we do love the area. Love the murals.

  2. That is what Life should be, learning to have tooooo much fun in different ways.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Glad your back. Thank you for blogging.

  4. Texas does such nice things for people and it's always been nice to go there. Louisiana where I live...not so much for tourists or even locals. I love the murals. Rockport seems to be a place I'd love to see one day.

  5. My in-laws live in Refugio not too far from Rockport, so we have been there. It is a very nice town and a bit cooler than Refugio because of the water and breezes.

    1. Refugio is a nice little town AND they have a Whataburger!

  6. Thank you for blogging again. Some of us that can't retire yet enjoy the picture you paint for us. My husband grew up fishing Surfside, Tx in drum bay and christmas bay. I think that's why I found your blog so interesting. The fishing and the Texas coast. I hope to travel the coast a lot in retirement. Thanks again.