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Rockport, Texas


Slithering Again

Adventure Location: Rockport, Tex

WOW what an exciting day it was today! NOT. It was so exciting that the OFM cannot recall what we did this morning. We think he went to Walmart and did a bit of fishing down at the marina. It was definitely not an adventure filled day.

The sailboat that was on the rocks is still there. We have no idea what is going on with it.

The town of Port Aransas is having the big sand castle event this weekend to the south of us. To the north of us is Fulton with some big event keeping the Fulton Harbor full of cars and folks. It would seem Rockport should be empty but NOPE it is plenty crowded. Here is a picture of the Rockport Beach about 1830 this evening.

There was still a lot of folks out there at dark.

Late this evening the OFM did go down to the pier to fish. That is when he took the above picture. This time he managed to catch a legal size speckled trout------sort of.

When he was lifting the Trout over the hand rail, the trout put up a strong and active flopping session and fell from the hook down into the rocks lining the pier. The OFM has no business down on/in those loose rocks but he was not about to let the trout die without trying to save it. Here is the trout buried down in the rocks.


The OFM got all the fishing paraphernalia off his body and slithered (that was for you Tom) under the hand rail on his backside and onto the rocks. Then it was a simple matter of balancing like a gymnast on a balance beam that is not fixed in place as he squatted down to retrieve the fish way down there below his feet. Finally he had to lay down on the rocks to reach the fish. The long nosed pliers grabbed the fish tail and flipped the fish back into the water. The fish swam slowly away but at least it seemed to be on its way to recovery. It was out of the water way to long.

Now the OFM had the fun of getting up while standing on the loose rocks and crawling back onto the walking surface. At least when he rolled onto the walking surface through the old bird droppings and other nice things on the concrete, the hand rail was there for him to hold as he got his knees back under himself. A video of all that would likely have won a lot of money in a funny fat man contest.

Running around on loose boulders used to be fun but now the OFM does not consider it a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Love the new header picture.

    Glad you didn't fall and get hurt. I hope after all that the fish lived

  2. What a brave man you are, but nice that you hopefully saved the fish.

  3. Glad you not only did not seriously injure yourself but gave that fish the chance to go on having Tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I love that you cared enough to participate in those gymnastics.

  5. I can just imagine you trying to get back up from saving that fish. I find it so hard any more to maintain my balance, and I don't seem to have the strength to make any difficult moves. You must be a LOT younger than I am, and by the way, thanks for saving the fish at your own peril!

  6. glad you are back. take care
    the Ol'Buzzard