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Rockport, Texas


Crazy Lights

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM was slowly gaining awareness of his surroundings. His nice sleep was being destroyed by the multicolored bright lights flashing inside the Castle. His sleep fogged small brain could not seem to grasp why all the police car flashing lights were inside the Castle. His hands were groping around in delirium as he tried to get awake to handle the crazy emergency whatever it was. Surely the earth was ending or something as bad.

He finally got his glasses on and was enough awake to realize he was half blind and it was the aura of a major migraine in the making. The migraine was a sort of welcome revelation as opposed to the first thought of a campground full of emergency vehicles. OK time to calm down and just hurt for a while.

The medicine was taken to help keep the brain pain minimized. Then some breakfast of cereal and soy milk settled his stomach quiet a bit. After an hour or so the OFM decided he would live to regret it again and the day began.

By 1300 hours the OFM was starving and knew exactly what he wanted to eat. A trip to the City of Aransas Pass and the San Juan restaurant. Sierra got him there safely. There was even lots of room inside for his massive bulk to pull up a few chairs and sit down.

Looking at the menu for the exact item he wanted to order gave him a chance to notice a forgotten item that he also likes. Chicken Fajita Salad was what caught his eye. And it was very delicious. We wanted him to go back out to Sierra to get the camera and take a picture of it, but he had a third of it inhaled before we could get his attention to suggest the camera. You will just have to take our word for it that it is a great meal.

On the way back to Rockport the OFM decided it would do him good to hit the harbor area and sit around in the shade and watch the tourists be tourists. When we got there, the fishing pier was being well used.


After a little sitting in the shade, the OFM noticed something weird moving through the choppy water a good ways from the bulkhead. Naturally he had to get nosey and check it out. It at first looked like a long critter making its way through the choppy water. BUT when it got closer it turned out to be a duck family meandering around in an area they normally are not habitating.


They were moving along nicely going to who knows where. This was water with no normal suck habitat close by. There are things in that water that would be happy to chomp a duckling. Some of the sharks would handle the adult ducks easily also. When we left the ducks were still meandering around the area. Our hope is they figured out where they needed to be and went there safely.

By now it was time for the OFM to get in some more horizontal time with hopes of this evening feeling good enough to try having tooooo much fun.



  1. A good story, Barney. I am some glad that the headache did not ruin your entire day! I want you to always find the fun.

  2. You gave me a bit of a shock when you mentioned police cruisers. Did you catch the migraine in time to stop some of the pain? Do you know what brings them on - other than trying to have tooooo much fun? Be careful out there.

  3. Being alive brings them on. Dead folks never get them.

  4. Good luck with surviving your migraines, no fun at all.

  5. I was struggling with bad headaches for years. My son finally convinced me to cut all artificial sweeteners out of my diet. It took about two weeks and I distinctly remember waking up one morning with no pain. I got a massage several months down the road and the pain came back that day. The massage had released build up of sweeteners/posions from the fat or muscles. Since then I avoid the artificial sweeteners the best I can. They are everywhere and in some very unexpected food items. They also have different names that are listed in the ingredients that are hard to identify. I can always tell as soon as I accidentally eat something I shouldn't have by the headache coming on. Being diabetic the first thing you're taught is to use all diet products. Found out the hard way it's better to avoid or use real sugar.
    I don't usually comment but knowing how bad your hadaches are I hoped it might help you too. Maybe a food diary could help eliminate suspect items. Well... so much for my unsolicited advice! Hoping you are not offended, I know how those headaches can wipe you out and dealing with pain wears you down.
    I enjoy reading about your travels! Best of luck to you.
    TX Nana

    1. I have never knowingly allowed artificial sweeteners in my diet.

  6. I saw this on Lovely Bicycle http://lovelybike.blogspot.com/2016/08/electrolytes-and-migraine-accidental.html