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Rockport, Texas


Flapping Jaws

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The bulkhead near the Rockport Harbor can be a major hazard if you fall from it into the water. It is high enough that the OFM would not be able to climb back up to the walking surface. Wisely there are some steps cast into the bulkhead that, while not an easy climb, would allow a clumsy fool to get back up out of the water.

On Saturday the winds were blowing water into the bay and flooding many places with sea water. These steps would have been a real trouble to use with the waves breaking onto them.


The palm trees were also fighting for their lives in the brisk breeze. Most of the palm trees got a serious pruning from the winds. There was dead limbs and limbs in good health being blown off the trees. Check out these two palms getting an extra bit of breeze.


On around the bend and to the north end of the Rockport Beach Park is a section of land that is designated a bird area. It is mainly to give the shore birds a relatively safe area for breeding and raising young’uns. However the influx of the wind driven sea water has flooded a big chunk of the nesting area. Most of the water you see in the next picture is covering dirt that had nesting birds on it. We could not get close enough to see if eggs were present yet. It could be a bad year for seagulls.


It has been a slow time for adventures so there is not much to report. Last night the OFM was on the pier until after 2100 flapping his jaws with a couple of other folks and he had a great time of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I really like to get together with other people and flap our jaws. That is a great way of having too much fun.

  2. We meet up with lots f people on our travels as well, always fun to compare notes.
    Thanks for taking back around the beach area there, love it !