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Rockport, Texas


Great Results On The WDH.

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

It was hot this afternoon after this mornings adventure to Packery Channel but that story will wait for the exciting news to the Teams. The OFM actually got busy after lunch and finished assembly and tuning of the weight distributing hitch (WDH).

First he had to measure the heights of the trailer and truck before the weight distribution things got going to set the rig RIGHT. Without spring assist, Sierra had 3 inches of rear sag when coupled. That is a bit too much. A WDH has several criteria that have to be balanced between each of the requirements. We were able to get all of the criteria to be well into the preferred settings.

We ended up with 1/8“ of rear sag and 1/4“ of front squat. That is well within the class of excellent for a WDH.

The only real trouble was that about half way through with all the cranking of the Castle up and down with the jack stand in the hot sun, the OFM got a bit weak and shut down for a cold Root Beer and some significant AC time. After about a half hour he was doing ok again and we got back to work. Here is the ready to travel equipment.

It should make our traveling a bit easier in the future. And anything that makes trying to have tooooo much fun easier is a great thing.


  1. Looks like a great job to me.

  2. What a big difference that WDH will make good job.

  3. An even ride is a good thing, looks good!