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Rockport, Texas


New Reefs

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM fought the waves and wind and between 1100 and noon he found some fish that would bite his lure. He caught four speckled trout from 16“ to 18“ and they were fat and strong fighters. Since he did not think that the whitecapping waves would allow for any catching, there was no camera along with the Teams. He was in fear of the camera getting saltwater soaked.

A couple of pictures were taken of Little Bay and the reefs that were built a couple of years ago. The reefs get in the way of the rough waves that were eroding the shoreline and road along Little Bay. They seem to be doing a good job too. Here is the explanation sign.

The effect that the reefs have had on fish catching is large. Lots more catching goes on along that shoreline now that the reefs are maturing. They are located about a 150 feet from the shore and the water is shallow enough to wade fish the area. We have one friend that had an undesirable encounter with a jelly fish a week or so ago. The OFM is not planning on doing any wading in that area in shorts.

Here is a picture to show how close the reefs are to the shore. The dark spots in the water are the reefs.


The OFM is still trying to makeup his mind about what type of wading equipment to add to the teams so it may be a while until we can give a personal report on the wade fishing there. We are wanting to be really careful with this decision. We need to be sure we are not fighting jelly fish instead of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I would hope you don't wade fish here,from what i've heard, Nice to see the restoration work happening.

  2. Do they sell gator-resistant waders??

  3. I went to Florida when I was a late teen. I hated to even go into the ocean because of the jellyfish stories!