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Rockport, Texas


Obnoxious Pelicans Club

Adventure Location: Fulton, Texas

At the north end of this peninsula is the cute town of Fulton, Texas. It is not very big but is a fun location to mess around in. At the northern most end is the causeway going over to Lamar Texas. The original causeway was turned into a fishing pier many years ago. It is at times a very popular place to fish. In the cooler months the winter Texans catch a lot of black drum and sheepshead from this pier. Here is the view from the south end of the pier.


On this day there was a special convention called by the Obnoxious Pelicans Club. They are the pelicans that try to steal your catch while you are cleaning the fish at the nearby cleaning table. They were just sitting around trying to be cute for photographs it seemed. What they are really doing is being careful to let you think they will not bother your catch. BUT throw a fish onto the cleaning table and the whole mob mobilizes to relieve you of all your catch immediately.


Very nearby is the boat launch for the area. This is the water front next to the launch point and it is shallow water like over at Goose Island.


We have launched at the ramp and paddled around a lot of this area. Folks do wade fish this area and sometimes really catch a lot of fish. When the winds are from the south east this is a well protected area for trying to have tooooo much fun.



  1. I have walked part of that fishing bridge a few times years ago, and sometimes lotsa people there fishing. Did nit see many Pelican though when I was there. Really don't want to get in their way though either.

  2. Is this the bridge that goes over to Goose Island? Have they finished the construction on it? When we were there last Nov-Dec it was down to one lane each way while they widened the bridge.

    1. It is open both ways now. It is the highway 35 bridge between Lamar and Fulton.

  3. Bad birds! Stealing someone's fish like that. I guess they are so clever and adept at it you can't foil them.