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Rockport, Texas



Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The OFM is not over the migraine attack. The best we can think of it is that it makes great waves for photography. Tonight we chose two of them to show. Both were taken down at Packery Channel from the north jetty.

The first we found unusual since the breaking tops of the wave were breaking toward each other.


The second picture is a double wave that was basically one wave right behind and nearly on top of the other. We are guessing that one is the result of a boat wake and the other one is the result of the wind.


On to less pleasant things. We are once again having major trouble with Phorid flies. They are a nasty prolific little fly. The size is barely larger than a sharpie dot. Some folks call them sewer flies and they can come from sewers but we keep the sewers closed to the interior of the Castle now. The flies come in the door of the Castle every time we open it to go in or out or check on anything. Usually it is about twenty flies and about thirty minutes of killing to get control again. They seem to be living in all the dead vegetation in this campground.
It is getting so bad we are thinking of changing locations to get away from them if we cannot get them under control. We have stayed at this campsite a few times in the past and always had trouble with the Phorid flies. Here is a site to tell you about them PhoridFly.

Those devils definitely get in the way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I hope you win the battle with the flies. And WISH you could win the WAR with those migraines! Great pictures of the waves. Thanks for posting.

  2. Nice pictures and hope you kick those migraines soon. thanx for the update.

  3. Love the waves. Don't love that you are still suffering from that awful migraine. Met some one on line at the grocery store and I noticed she had piercings on the upper interior of her ear. She was talking with us and she said she used to get horrible migraines and this stopped them. I don't even know how to properly explain it and I doubt you would want to go through that but she said once in awhile she will just get a tiny bit of a headache and then she touches the earing and it is gone. Now I don't know about even me wanting to do this but I remember I used to get them so bad too. Hope you feel better soon

  4. Stop!! You're reminding me of blackfly season in the north woods and that's ruining my too much fun. . .