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Leaf Cluster, Decatur, Alabama


Gittin Colorful

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

The A/C has been running steadily most of the day. It was a major slap in the face with hot wet heat when the OFM stepped out this morning about 0800. He did not seem to think it was a good day for a long walk, but we headed down to the Rockport Beach area anyway.

Sierra chose a nice shady less hot spot near the Art Center to relax while the OFM Fools Team went walking in the hot wet very bright sunny weather. The OFM did remember to grab the camera before we headed out. As it turned out the walk was nice but hot. Several opportunities came along for pictures so we were glad the camera was with us.

A few minutes after we started our path passed a city maintained garden and the lady that does most of the garden maintenance was hard at work. We said our howdys and the OFM complimented her dedication and ability at keeping the gardens so nice and blooming. Here is a little red bush in full flower. It was down right attractive.


As we continued along the side walk from in town came into sight. It winds along Little Bay for a mile or so right next to the water. The OFM was feeling good enough that we headed on down the walkway along the water and it turned out to be a good choice. There was a good number of electrons burned taking pictures along the way. These yellow flowers were in bloom in great quantity all along the sidewalk.


A good thing is the flowers and bushes partially hid us from the view of some of the wildlife living in the marshlands just below us. This gave us cover to spy on them without bothering them. This next picture was the result of about twenty tries to catch the bird catching a fish to eat. It is a picture of the fraction of a second right after a strike. It came out pretty nice we think.


A bit longer in the sun and the OFM realized he was getting a little too hot, so we started back for Sierra. The OFM made it back to Sierra OK but we did stop and pause in the shade of palm trees a few times. When we got back to Sierra the temperature had climbed from 88degrees in the shade to 92 and the humidity was showing 82%. That was close to miserable and time to head for the Castle, which we did. The OFM definitely had had enough heat for the day.

When we got back to the Castle some excitement of the good kind awaited us. The OFM had received a shipment of Holbein Oil Pastels the day the leak showed up in the Castle and today was the day to play with them the first time. One thing about oil pastels you can get them smeared all the way up your arms to your shoulders as well as on a fat stomach that gets too close to the table while playing with them.

The good part is that soap and water cleans it off easily. The OFM was having lots of fun like a kid with a new box of crayons. Paper towels are your best friend when playing with oil pastels. At least he finally got around to making a color sheet so he will be able to tell what the color looks like when applied to the art paper ( or his tummy covered with the formerly white Tee shirt).


It certainly was nice to sleep until a natural wake up occurred. Then head out to just look around for something for having tooooo much fun again.


  1. Oh my, you do take some great photos! I have save the yellow flowers and the bird from this group. They will serve me well when I am trying to have too much fun painting, next week.
    BTW: Your continued good picture taking sure saves me from getting out in this heat. Please keep up the excellent work!

  2. I am glad I have provided some inspiration for your art work. Have fun.

  3. Really nice pictures, flowers colors are so bright