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Leaves On The Water, North Alabama


Lots of Storms

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Today was tooooo busy alllll day. The OFM was on the run from dawn until now at 2200 at night. Lots of things happened or were put into motion and he is TIRED.

The number one thing is the Teams will be leaving Rockport in late July for Gavinland. Gavin has a sister due in late July and the Teams want to get her introduced properly to the Teams lifestyle.

Today was also a day of dodging a new thunderstorm about every two hours. That does get tiresome by late afternoon. Here is a picture of the supper storm. You can see a bit of the Whataburger building in the corner of the picture. The OFM ran in the store, got his food, inhaled it and was back in Sierra before the first raindrop hit the Teams.


After that it was quickly back to the Castle and batten the hatches. Computer work has taken up the last of the evening. We worked on a special project for a friend that was a lot of fun. The project is secret for now but may be announced when it is completed. This way no surprises get spoiled. We are hoping that tomorrow will be a good bit less hectic while we are trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Be careful when you are having those storms. The can turn ugly very quickly. Be safe!

    1. Don't worry they start out ugly and get worse. At least the hail hasn't broken a solar panel yet.

  2. A granddaughter, sounds good!

  3. Glad you survived the storms, need to be in good shape to travel.

  4. If you are getting those storms there then they should be hitting us soon. Don't know what is worse the 105 which we had today or those crazy storms.