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Leaves On The Water, North Alabama


Well Blow Me Down

Adventure Location: Rockport, Texas

Let us talk wind. This year has been the Year of the Wind it seems. Kayakers have had little chance since early April, when we returned to the area, to ply the waters around here in comfort. The wind is blasting everything way too often. Fishing from the shore requires careful choice of location. Otherwise your cast can end up behind you.

A walk at the beach park a couple of days ago yielded some wind pictures. It was also very hot which is typical for Texas this time of the year.

AS the OFM was trying to walk on one of the beach park paths the wind was causing him to wobble around while walking. Surely it was not his bad knees or hip causing him to appear like a drunk wobbling along. We have proof in pictures.


Notice the absence of palm limb stubs on the left side of this palm tree. Also notice the stubs remaining are very well eroded by the strong winds. They are practically just threads of palms blowing in the breeze. Then a bit above that the threads are just plain old blown away. Yep the winds are a factor most of the time the last couple of months.

Next we get to add the hot unadulterated sunlight that tans even the concrete. Every little piece of shade is used. By 0900 the sun is scorching every living thing even the OFM. He tries to get back inside by 1000 to save his body.


This bird was hiding on the lee side of the palm tree. We do not know if it was first there to use the shade or to get out of the wind that was trying to knock the bird over. Sometimes the shore birds have fits with he wind knocking them around as they stalk some food.

The OFM enjoyed his walk because his body allowed the nearly half mile of slow walking without much pain. that made the walk along the shoreline of Little Bay a nice way of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Nice header picture. We had those winds about a week ago now it's just blazing hot at 110

  2. Seems it has been very andy everywhere this year, at least you got out for a short walk.

  3. We totally agree that this year has been the windiest we have ever seen whether we were in the Southwest, back Home in Ontario or anywhere in between the high winds just will not stop.
    Be Safe and Enjoy having tooooo much fun.

    It's about time.